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Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention section provides for life and fire safety education, inspection of existing buildings and new construction, and plan review. The section is responsible for reviewing all plans for commercial new construction, interior remodels, and fire sprinkler systems.

Providing fire safety education to the public to minimize the occurrence of fire and train the community in appropriate actions to take when faced with an emergency, is a fire protection strategy particularly important to Fire Rescue.

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Public Education

Fire Prevention provides public fire and life safety education to Citrus County schools, daycares, businesses, and other organizations. Our fire, life safety and fire extinguisher programs may be tailored to the specific needs of a business, group of citizens or visitors.

Pre-school through adult programs are available. Pre-school and elementary programs are encouraged and enjoyed by both our staff, teachers and children. Fun, enjoyable, and easily learned fire and life safety behaviors and survival techniques are taught in the classroom, with our Hazard House, or with our mobile Fire Safety House.

Fire Safety programs may be scheduled at the convenience of the organizing business or group. Typically, the business or group would provide the facilities to host the program. However, other arrangements are possible.

Fire Safety & Public Education


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The Fire Safety House is a small-scale model of a two bedroom single family split level residence which is used to educate children and adults in home fire evacuation and fire safety procedures.

It is handicapped accessible, approximately 32' in length, and can easily be moved from place to place. The unit can be set-up in a parking lot of a school, daycare, business, or shopping center.

The students participate in fire escape drills and may experience a "hot" door and simulated smoke obscuring their escape. They can be shown kitchen safety, smoke detector usage and testing, electrical safety and other miscellaneous fire and safety training.

A complete fire safety program can be introduced by video, instruction and hands-on training.


Citrus County Fire Rescue staff ensures compliance of State and Local fire codes relating to all commercial construction in Citrus County, including the cities of Inverness and Crystal River.

A fire safety inspection is a visual surface survey for fire safety hazards that may cause a fire, contribute to its rapid growth or prevent the occupants' safe escape from a fire.


A review of all commercial building plans (new construction and remodeling) is performed by Fire Prevention prior to the issuance of a building permit. Automatic fire sprinkler, automatic fire suppression, fire alarm, and commercial kitchen hood systems are reviewed also.

The plans are reviewed for compliance with all of the related fire codes as adopted by Citrus County. The plans are checked for compliance with items such as:

Proper number, size and location of exits and doors

Maximum occupant load determination for the building and occupancy

Location and type of the required fire rated assemblies

Fire extinguisher size and number

Determine if a fire alarm system is required

Determine if an automatic fire sprinkler system is required

Other fire or life safety deficiencies